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Something to Smile About…

Something to Smile About…

Today’s blog post will be shorter than you’re probably used to. I’ll only hold you long enough to rely this quick message:

I know things may not be happening as quickly as you hope that they would. I know that you’re still single after all of the self-improvement and healing you’ve done. I know you don’t have the “k” behind your IG/Twitter count or have brands flooding your inbox. I know you’re ready to get to the next level already. I know and fully empathize with you because that’s where I am… was… this last week.

Quite honestly, I was having trouble seeing the point of all “THIS.”

“THIS” being my blog, presenting quality content to my platform twice a week, etc. You know: all of THIS.

At times I struggle with an internal battle of being grateful for all that I have and have experienced and being haunted by the thoughts of my future and “why it hasn’t happened” for me yet.  

God didn’t stop being God just because you haven’t gotten your shot yet.
— Aley Arion

I almost feel ashamed to share it, but I’ve been shaking my fist at God because of all of the latter mentioned along with personal issues. But God didn’t stop being God just because I don’t have a salary job anymore. Especially considering that he’s been making provision for me to develop income from various freelance gigs that all stem from my creativity as opposed to working to advance someone else’s dreams.

God didn’t stop being God just because you haven’t gotten your shot yet. He’s still God even if Instagram goes away before you ever reach any kind of fame or acclaim. Yes, I repeat: He’s still God and you still have purpose.

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So, I want to encourage you all to remember his grace and goodness. Remember all the times that he allowed you to be shown favor and love. Recall all the people he’s sent your way to deliver an unexpected word that helped you to keep going. Remember all of the people you’ve reached and inspired through your individual work. Just remember.

The Devil has a field day when we allow him to take control over our thoughts and plant seeds of comparison, envy, and discontent in our hearts. Fight back with the Word of God and give thanks for all that has happened.

I’m saying all of this from a place that I had to pull myself up out and into (with the help of my dad haha). I’m telling you this because I had to convince myself that if I just keep my eyes on God and what He’s placed me to do in this season, I’m going to reach my purpose, one step at a time. God is going to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what you could ever ask or think if you just rest and allow Him to do his thing.

Why? Because He promised and He ain’t ever lied.  

God does some of his best work in the dark. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not in progress.
— Steven Furtick

It may not happen today or tomorrow and next month… or maybe it will! Who really knows but God? All there is for you to do is trust the process, prepare, and focus!

Your best days are still ahead of you and honey, that’s something to smile about.

Keep shining,


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