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So, You’re 25... Now What?

So, You’re 25... Now What?

Kanye West said it the best in his College Dropout single, We Don’t Care, “We wasn’t supposed to make it past 25/jokes on you we still alive.” And if I’m being honest, that’s legit how I feel almost a week into turning the BIG 2-5; I made it!

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Sure, I didn’t have it as hard as Kanye did growing up, but believe me you, my life was no walk in the park. I definitely experienced my share of challenges that attempted to “take me out” young; so to say the least, it’s a testimony that I’m even here to write this to you all today.

So what do I do now that I've reached this milestone? Well... I think the best course of action is to keep celebrating! I'm constantly reminded of how much of a blessing it is to wake up each morning because it’s crazy how short life really is. But man, I tell you, I feel so good about what my 25th year has in store for me, so much so that I felt it was necessary to pass along 5 key gems that I picked up along the way:


Okay, so 3 days before my 23rd birthday, I lost a friend in a car accident. His death completely blindsided me since just two weeks prior, we met up for lunch and everything was normal. While we were finishing up our mozzarella sticks at Hooters, something in me was telling me to take a picture with him, but I refused to listen. I thought, I’ll see him again and we’ll just do it then. Needless to say, that was one of the biggest mistakes of my young adult life and from that point forward, I’ve been documenting everything!

We need photos, videos, Polaroids, journal entries, etc. to record the precious moments of our life so we can look back on them and remember the good times. Take the picture, record the video, document, document, document! We are the authors of our own stories, so fill the pages!  


Man, when I tell you the Lord has been faithful to me in the LEWKS department (and I can say this as someone who used to suffer from the lowest of the low self-esteem – you should have seen me haha).

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God knew what he was doing for not letting me reach my highest level of glowation until I was well into my 20’s; not to mention that I just feel better about myself. Still, the glow-up is only as good as the internal work and healing that I decided to pursue in my alone time. It took WORK! Who knew that cultivating my relationship with God, forgiveness, and drinking lemon water every day could look this good?


The older I get, the less I care about the opinions of others – if I’m keeping it a buck. I know we live in a rewards-based, dopamine-induced social application society these days, but modeling myself after the image of God was the best decision I've ever made. Do I still fall short at times, sure. But the images that we’re told to look like are ever-fleeting, with new trends and styles surfacing every day, I mean, how could I ever keep up? I’m okay with being different, odd, having unconventional beauty and sticking out from the world. I will never influence the world trying to be like it, so I stopped trying.

I’m okay with being different, odd, having unconventional beauty & sticking out from the world.


Honey, let me tell you, it doesn’t get better.

Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m sure things will improve, they just haven’t for me quite yet. It wasn’t until maybe last night that I realized that I probably won’t be ready for marriage until I’m a solid 28, so I have a few more years of dippin' before I meet Mr. Right and fall into a spiral of unconditional love with my human. Until then, I look forward to meeting new guys, developing friendships and continuing to discover my likes & dislikes. I got time!


I just want to say thank you to my dad for his patience toward me as I figure out this freelance, fully-part-time-ish blogging-writer life. He understands that I’m working on a master plan and these things take time. It’s not really my normal to be “broke;” since leaving home for college, I always had a steady stream of income, but we’re stepping into unknown waters now. The biggest lesson I’ve learned about being new to brokehood is that it forces you to tear down the walls of your pride and ASK FOR HELP. People can’t read your mind to know you’re out of deodorant or you don’t have the funds to renew your website subscription *cough-cough*, you gotta speak up.


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If there’s anything I want you all to take from this post, it’s that there is no time limit on success. You can’t compare your Chapter 5 to someone else’s Chapter 25, because you don’t know the stories that fill their pages. At 25, I know I’m right where I need to at this every moment. Do I want more? Abso-freakin-lutely, but do I finally understand that it’s in God’s perfect timing that these things will come, TOTALLY.

I used to sweat other people because I thought in some way, they had some kind of head start on life, opportunities, and success over me, but now, I’m a cheerleader. I root for the people I see working and striving for greatness. Nothing happens overnight no matter what your social feed tells you. Issa highlight reel, baby. As I focus on my path, I realize that there is no traffic in my lane.

Peace & love, yall. I’m grown now.

Before you go: What lessons have you learned coming into your current age, leave a comment letting me know, I’d love to hear!

Keep shining,


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