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10 Affirmations You Should Know From Bodak Yellow

10 Affirmations You Should Know From Bodak Yellow

Whether you call it the song of the summer or new national anthem for the unification of Black and Brown folks, the influence of Bodak Yellow is undeniable. In the spectrum of songs that qualify to be sang word for word at the top of one’s lungs by a sea of ebony hues during a rooftop day party or HBCU Homecoming function, hits like "Knuck If You Buck" or "March Madness" are a brainer. After the reception and praise Cardi B’s hit single has had on the culture, I think it’s fair that we add this to our latest list of DJ requests. Making a hit these days take more than just the a good hook sprinkled with a Migos feature; you need the right producer and of course, easy-to-learn yet hard hitting lyrics.

I’ve studied Cardi’s slick, Kodak Black-inspired flow bar for bar and when you break each stanza down, you discover the ultimate glow-up story of a young woman who came from the hood of Bronx, NY and turned her life around from an ex-stripper to the next big female rap force.<> on September 14, 2016 in New York City.Cardi is in a great place in her career, from her finances to her love life (hey, Offset). If you ask me, that's what makes her so darn relatable and why her music connects to masses on a spiritual level. Cardi B is all of us; she is the purest example of what happens when you believe in yourself past what your situation or the people around you say.

If you listen closely, you’ll hear why Bodak Yellow is more than just a club anthem, it’s a mantra filled with positive affirmations you can speak over yourself even while turning up.

"Said, 'Lil b____, you can’t f___ with me if you wanted to'": Listen honey, do you know who I am? I am a force of feminine energy and power. You don't have to like me, but you will respect me.

"Hit the store, I can get them both, I don’t want to choose": I've paid all of my bills including my rent for the month. Since I practiced restraint and responsibly managed by budget, I can treat myself to these new Steve Madden booties to go towards my Fall wardrobe.giphy (2)"I’m a boss, you’re a worker": Being a boss isn’t just about the position; it’s a state of mind. I am driven and ambition, I know what I want and will get it. Never get too comfortable or you’ll become complacent.

"I be in and out the banks so much, I know they’re tired of me": Back to my financial stability. I’m putting my money in the right places; I support Black businesses, invest, and save for a raining day. Oh, and don’t forget to give God his 10%.giphy (7)"Dropped two mixtapes in six months, what b____ working as hard as me?": Whether I’m in school putting in long hours to write my thesis or producing content as a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, *cough, cough* don’t ask me what I’m doing cause you know I’m working.

"They see pictures, they say, 'Goals,' b___, I’m who they tryna be": I am a role model, both on the 'Gram and in real life. I give back to my community, volunteer, and mentor young women coming up behind me. This life I’m living is bigger than me.giphy (1)"And I pay my mama bills, I ain’t got no time to chill": Everything I do right now, at 24 years old, is so one day, my daddy doesn’t have to work anymore. The goal is to set him up for early retirement and live a happy, carefree life on a foreign beach somewhere, blessed and unbothered. He’s done enough for me over the years, this is the least I can do to repay him.

"I just checked my account, turns out I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich": When that direct deposit drops on top of what you’ve been saving... also, you may not be able to say that now, but SPEAK THINGS INTO EXISTENCE, SIS! giphy (6)"I go to dinner and steak, only the real can relate": Gone are the days of Ramen Noodles and egg sandwiches. I’m elevating myself from the inside out. Only the best of things will enter my body because it is a temple. Health is wealth, baby.

"I used to live in the P’s, now it’s a crib with a gate": The come-up was real. When I started, I was at my lowest. I was broke, struggling, and didn’t see a way out, but I had one thing: a dream. It's not about how you start, it's about how you finish and God's plan for me is greater than what I could ever ask and think for myself. giphy

Before you leave: Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on today's topic. Do you love Cardi B as much as I do? Are you one of the many people who know every word to "Bodak Yellow?" I’d love to hear!

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