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“Insecure” Season 2, Ep. 6 Recap + Hella Blows| @aleyarion

One thing is for sure, this episode of Insecure had a whole lot of squirting and jerking. Like, oh, my goodness.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about today.

Molly, have a seat. Let's chat, boo.giphy.gifThe truth is, all of the main character in this show need healing, restoring, and mighty blood of Jesus, but Molly in particular just might need a little bit more. When she first decided to let go of her therapist a couple of episodes ago, I knew things would go downhill from there. Sure, she's been a lot more introspective these days, but the damage still lives out through her daily actions: i.e temper tantrums.

We've learned along the the way that Molly emulates her parent's marriage. They've been together for 30 years, and ever since she was a little girl, she just knew she wanted a love like the one she saw everyday growing up. But last episode, Molly attended her parent's vow renewal ceremony and what was meant to be a day of celebration for #BlackLove, turned into The Molly Show.

After speaking with her circle of aunties, Molly gets a little more tea than she had bargained for and the lined between "grown folk's business" could no longer shield her from the secret infidelities of her father's past. Molly's fairy tale persona of her parents come crashing to pieces when she finds out that her dad cheated on her mother about five years into their marriage. It is at this moment that Molly breaks all the way down like a toddler with a wet Pamper, who didn't get her afternoon snack. She blows up and makes a scene in front of family and guests, confronting her dad about a mistake he made before Molly could probably even tie her shoes. 

I saw so annoyed by Molly's overreaction to the news, mostly because I don't care how old you think you are or even how hurt you may feel, you do not come at you're parents like that. Okay? giphy (2).gifAt the time of her father's escapades, it's not like she was old enough to even register the gravity of his shortcomings; a child should be shielded from that type of information for as long as possible anyway. Plus, by the time it would have been time for her to know about it, they had already made up, her mother forgave him, and the work of putting the matter in the past was done.

Look, as someone who knows first hand how adultery can tear a family apart, I actually applaud Molly's mother, first, for finding the strength and forgiveness to move past such a hurtful experience in love. I mean, if they didn't end up needing to get a divorce, why was/is it necessary to worry and involve the children in "grown folk's business" as they sort things out? Molly, you found out when it was time, years later, if anything, you should be that much more proud of your parents for sticking it out this long.

Molly is looking for perfection. The textbook version of love, marriage, and happiness that doesn't exactly exist. Marriage is work. All that lovey-dovey fluff you see on your timeline and put on a pedestal is just that, FLUFF. No one's marriage is perfect and if they say it is, they're lying. giphy (3).gifI wish Molly would pull up her big-girl draws, stop ignoring her mother's calls and have a conversation about her feelings, woman-to-woman. Molly like to run from her problems and from the people who can help her sort them out. And although that defense mechanism works for a little while, it always come back to bit you in the behind... eventually

Before you leave: Do you think Molly is overreacting or does she have the right to feel the way she does? Should she talk to her mom or continue to process until she's ready? Weigh in on this week’s episode of Insecure in the comments below and let me hear your thoughts!

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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