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Dear Kim Kardashian, Your Children Are Black.

Dear Kim Kardashian, Your Children Are Black.

Can we talk? 
Like, can we really talk? 

Our nation is in complete shambles. We have bigots and white supremacist rioting the streets with their hoods off. Hate groups declaring to do whatever it takes to "take back their country," "blood and soil." Our... excuse me... y'all's president is Hitler 2.0; who not only believes in Nazi eugenics, but co-signed the hate that fuels groups like the Neo-Nazis.

Oh yeah, and then there's Kim Kardashian.

I want to be clear, I've made it a point to steer from discussing anything that involves the Klu Kardashian Klan on my platform because: self-care. I don't follow them on any social media platform and still, they somehow make their way into the little bubble of sanity that I've created for myself.

Everywhere you look, Snapchat, Instagram, and even the morning news, there's a new headline about, "25 Reasons Why Kylie Taking a Breath Could Safe Mankind," or "Kim's New Makeup Line Could Cure Skin Cancer!" For an entire decade, we've been pumped with the poison that is the Kardashian Empire as they appropriate our culture, promote beauty standards that defy nature, and co-sign racists.

Enter Jeffree Star. 

First off, I do not keep up with YouTube's beauty guru community, they're like the freaking Bad Girl's Club. Give me my Jackie Aina and I'm good. But within this world, lies a man with a beat face and over 5 millions subscribers who is causing major problems.

A little backstory: 

When Kim Kardashian launched her new makeup line, KKW, back in June, she invited a ton of YouTube beauty influencers to her Bel-Air mansion to try out her products (but also just a photo opp). Among these individuals was my personal favorite, Jackie Aina, along with Jeffee Star. Kim Kardashian's contour and highlight products came in mayonnaise, beige, and sink, and let's face it: were not made for the chocolate end of the color spectrum and cost way to much for the little product that is given. When Jackie went to review the products on her channel, she gave her honest opinion about them, and to be honest, even her review was a little too nice, but I get it... politics. Still, Kim didn't take too kindly to Jackie keeping it real about her precious little product line that she showed her disapproval by untagging Jackie from the below photo on her IG.P E T T Y.

With all of that said, judging from Kim's childlike actions towards Jackie, one would assume that she doesn't seem to be the most forgiving person when someone does/says something she doesn't approve of... oh, but wait, there's Jeffree Star again.

YouTuber, Jeffree Star, has grown a cult following within the online beauty influencer space with his gaudy and extravagant makeup looks. He has also been caught on camera several times, letting racial slurs run from his mouth with ease.

Early this week, Star took to Snapchat to call out Kim for her "chalky swatches" and for overpricing her items for the little product that's actually given. These were not kindly worded critiques, like Jackie shared, Star basically dragged Kim in a series of tweets and snaps to publicly share his disapproval.

The issue here is not the makeup, or the swatches, because I will never purchase anything Kardashian related and could care less if they never made another lip gloss. My issue, is the Kim Kardashian, the mother of two Black children, the wife to a Black man, has publicly defended a racist.

All of the Kardashians benefit from white privilege. The ease of being racially ambiguous and to slide in and out of Black culture whenever it is or isn't profitable for their brand. They get praise for wearing our hairstyles. Date our men. Surgically enhance their bodies to replicate that of Black women, but when it comes time to stand up and say something to defend the very race/culture they've bent and contorted to suite their needs, it is with that same ease that they drop it off with a "I'm sorry, I am uninformed and will do better next time," apology screenshot from their Notes app.


And Kim wants us to take that same "empathy" that's forgiven her countless of times and give it to Star because "He's sorry," and "People change." Where was that same forgiveness to Jackie Aina for her honest review of your mediocre makeup line? Unfortunately, we've forgotten the two most important people in the middle of all this: North and Saint West. The children of Kim and Kanye West who, no matter how you flip it, are Black.

Kim went on to apologize for her statement, sharing that she doesn't feel like she has the right to speak on the racist comments made in Star's past because she "doesn't know that much about it." That "it" being race.

You're telling me that in all the time you've spend with Ray J, Reggie Bush, and... I don't know... marrying a Black man from the South side of Chicago, the same man who proclaimed that George Bush doesn't care about Black people, and is without a doubt, one of the greatest rappers of our time, you haven't learned a thing about race? About what it means to grow up as a Black man in America? About colorism? About anything?! You've just been engaging in sexual relations with these men and that's it? Oh, you didn't know that: you + a Black man = Black children? You mean to tell me no one shared that information with you? Or did you think that your privilege and wealth would somehow erase that part away?

North and Saint's innocence will shield them from the mess that is their family for at least the next 7-10 years. But with Kanye's mother being deceased, a unstable relationship with both his father and step-father, with not visible contact with their immediate "Black side" of the family, it would appear that the West children will be left in the hands of the Kardashian's dysfunction.

And still, within all of this, I have to ask:

Where the heck is Kanye?

Before you leave: This was a really exhausting post to write because as I previously mentioned, the Kardashians suck up energy that I'm not willing to give them. But I was just so disgusted by Kim's allegiance to Jeffree Star being the wife and mother to Black souls that I had to get this off my chest. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion

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