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“Insecure” Season 2, Ep. 4 Recap + Hella LA| @aleyarion

Disclaimer: This is a recap, but mostly a rant. Enjoy.

So Issa has finally found her hoe wings?

One escapade with that big head boy in her complex and now she’s a new women? Or at least that’s what one could imply from that kool-aid smile she was showing off at the start of the episode.

Issa and Kelly are over Molly’s place to pregame for the Kiss and Grind event that Dro, Molly’s high school friend, invited them to. At the club, they find their table and scoped out the place to see what Zaddies were in the building. Among the crowd, guess who Issa spots out just across the bar? Daniel: the home-wrecking boy-man that served as the catalyst to Issa and Lawrence’s breakup.

Bruh, I thought we left you in season 1, why are you here again?giphyIssa makes it her mission to go over to homeboy and spark up a conversation so he can see how “good” she’s doing, which I assume is an attempt to let him see what he “missed out” on? But if we remember from last season, he did stick his neck out to make his presence known at Issa’s fundraiser, so I guess I could see why she would assume there could be some type of flicker of hope still there between them. Disappointingly, their conversation is mad awkward and nothing much come from it.

Like, why does she want him to miss her so bad?

What would y’all have done? Would you have approached him even if he didn’t initially see you? Or just ignored him all together?

On the other side of town, Lawrence is on his way to meet up with some friends for a get-together when he has a random run in with the cops for making an illegal U-turn. (Lawrence, if everyone jumps off a bridge, are you going to too?) Anyway, the red and blue lights come on and mid-scene, I’m thinking: wait… are they about to make Lawrence into a hashtag? I mean, with the current racial tension we’re experiencing in the country, the writers of Insecure could have given this scene a whole other outcome; i.e #BlackLivesMatter.

Thankfully, Lawrence is let off with a warning, but not before the cop calls him a "Hoya," which is the mascot for Lawrence’s Alma Mater, Georgetown.  There was some serious innuendo in their exchange, did you catch it?

The stop left Lawrence without his debit card after dropping to find his I.D. for the cops and once he was in line at the grocery store, he had no means to pay for his items. But thanks to the generosity of two random girls in line behind him, Lawrence, not only leave with about $40 worth of free groceries, but with two willing-and-able girls looking for a good time and some Black Mandingo.

Also, who is Craig?giphy (1)Back at the club, Issa’s waiting to meet up with a guy she connected with on Tinder, and y'all, this scene has me too through!

Felix, (who, to be honest, isn’t even all that cute), totally plays Issa from the jump. Instead of saying, I don’t know, “Hey, it’s nice to meet you.” he hits her with the, “You look different and don’t meet my expectations” bull. He came for her hair, her voice! Boy, if you don’t get to Urkel-two-steps-away-from-Stefan-my-parents-named-me-after-a-house-pet looking self on somewhere. He eventually did, but Issa, baby, why so thirsty?

As soon as he would have hit me with the “I was expecting you to look this way” card, there would have been nothing else to say, but, “BYEEEEEEEEEE!” We have nothing more to talk about since I obviously don’t meet your expectations! Issa, #knowyourworth and when to walk away! At least have some of your dignity still intact.

Back inside the club, Molly is getting just a little bit too close with Dro. They’re dancing and reminiscing, and we find out that Dro and his wife have a WHOLE open relationship! This comes as a surprise to Molly, Issa, Kelly and I’m sure all of you because as they mentioned, I thought that was white people stuff. Then again… there is Will and Jada…giphy (2)So the rest of the episode, we see Molly debating whether she’s desperate enough to indulge in Dro’s cookie jar or if she’ll find a snack of her own.

Lawrence on the other hand, is choosing to indulge, gluttonously so, as he partakes in a threesome with the wild, wild, thots from the store. I really don’t have much to say about the girls: I mean they like black men (obviously, by the way the reminisced about the Demarcus’s and Tyrone’s of their past who could get it up better than Lawrence) and they like coke… and I'm not talking about the soft drink.

However, my concern lies back to Lawrence, like how can he be this charming and this careless. This is not how you heal, B. And I hope Tasha won’t let his dirty stick back into her anytime soon.

He ends up calling his boy Chad, to recap the night and he’s not necessarily lying about the events that took place, but he’s definitely not telling the whole truth. I guess his experience with the Barbie’s was a little too traumatic since he found his way back at Issa’s apartment. But no sir! Issa’s apartment is not your revolving door, especially after you made it a point to tell Molly that it was indeed over between you all. You’re dismissed!giphy (3)The episode ends with Issa, making yet another questionable decision. Her, Molly, and Kelly go to a diner after the party to meet up one of Kelly’s new guy friends and guess who the heck happens to be there too: Daniel. Dude, do you have some type of GPS system on Issa's twist-out? Because this is getting a little creepy.

Before Issa would even finish her waffles, girl is back over with Daniel, key-keying with him like he wasn’t the root of her and Lawrence’s demise.

But I guess if he’s out her getting his, she gotta get her’s too…

Lord, what are we going to do with this girl?

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