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Feeling Like a Bum While You're in Between Jobs?

Feeling Like a Bum While You're in Between Jobs?

When I moved back home from New York City a couple of months ago, I thought that I would take a week or two off, relax, enjoy the comforts of home, then get right back working and getting to the paper. But after filling out applications that descended into the magical spam forest of potential employers, I soon realized that life doesn't always unfold the way you might have imagined.


New York City is a whirlwind with a pace of it's own that can/will engulf you. Once you're in "the grind" and start to really embrace that "hustler's mentality," you start to think that something's wrong with you as soon as it all ends. Couple that with having no job, no steady source of income, and no longer having a place of your own, you start to wonder if you have, indeed, become a bum.The bright-side of being unemployed is that you have the opportunity to own your time again.You are your own boss and have only you to answer to. However, this lack of structure can be intimatingfor some, as you figure out just how to manger yourself until the next door open. At this point in your journey, you can either sulk in the reality of your misfortune or you can get up off you behind and put the below tips in practice to shift your present reality.


Nothing's worst than feeling down about being unemployed along with letting it take a toll on your body. When you feel down, you start to eat bad and even begin to stay inside for days at a time with little to no exposure to sunlight. And guess what that can lead to: depression. You have to get up and get moving, even it's just for a short jog in the morning or a pickup game at night. Get those endorphin circulating!


"An idol mind is the devil's playground." When we have nothing but time on our hands with nothing to do with it, we start spending too much time on social media looking at everyone's life, eating out of boredom, and slipping into a depression (there's that word again). A good way to stop this cycle is by finding something to fill your time. Me? I write. It's therapeutic and helps me process my world. Your hobby may be photography or painting. Running or doing hair. Find something to keep you busy, active, and encouraged, before you know it, it could serve as your new source of income...


Trust me, nothing's worst than staying up all night, scrolling through your timeline, only to fall asleep and wake up to find that it's 2:01pm. Now that you don't have a job, all you have is time; and as many of us know: time is the one asset you can't get back. Don't waste your day sleeping and lounging around in your sorrows because you feel like, "what's the point?" Read a book, study up on your craft, play catch with your nephew, something, anything! Just don't waste it in bed.



Think about it, when you were at your old job, your schedule revolved around the projects you had due and the needs of your supervisor; but that's all gone now. The first few days of you being unemployed, you start to feel like you're at the mercies of time, just floating through your day, unhinged from the structure you once knew. But it's time that you regain control and RECLAIM YOUR TIME! Set a time to wake up, eat, shower, workout, read, pick your nose; everything that you find yourself doing in the day until it feels like clock work again.


I know what you're thinking, "I'm broke! What do you expect me to give." Well, instead of reaching into your pockets, let's start with you time. Schools and local non-profits are always looking for a couple of extra hands to have on deck for their programs. Find an after-school program to join or even start your own! The feeling you'll get by spending time with disadvantaged youth, the elderly, and the shut-in will not only take your mind off your current situation, but it'll also help you realize just how blessed you really are.

Before you go: Are you in between jobs or feel like you're about 3 more Shameless episodes away from becoming a full-time bum? You can stop the cycle and start anew. Let me know you thought on the topic on the comments below, I'd love to hear!

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion

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