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Let's Play A Little Game: How Blessed Are You?

The other day I was really down in the dumps about a plethora of things that made me a bit annoyed with God. I was thinking like, "Okay, God... *insert nervous laughter* you can stop being so quiet on me."giphy (33)So I thought to myself... man, I just need a sign; something to help ya girl get through another day because Lord knows things have been a little gray. But y'all, I kid you not, no more than twenty minutes later, he gave me one: LITERALLY.

My family & I were driving home when we rode pass a sign in front of a church that read:

"You can't count your blessings if you don't recognize them."

Wow, right??

I wish I took a picture so you all could see it, but unfortunately, I was too much in my feelings to move. It also didn't hit me until I was a few miles down the road that that WAS the sign I had asked for.

In my last post, I discussed how at peace I was with my current situation and I mean, I am... was... but like many of the emotions we experience in our day to day lives, peace is something that has to be practiced and chosen every day. Fought for, even. Just like happiness and joy, sometimes we can make peace conditional on our current situation; the things that we can see, touch and feel (like money, a job, or a boo thang). And when we don't take the time each day to say: I have peace. I am loved. I am blessed. It's easy to forget that we are. 

With that said, let's play a quick game that I'd like to call: How Blessed Are You? 

Round 1:

Raise your hand if you are reading this post? Bomb, that means you have at least a high school education and are not blind. See how great you're doing so far?!

Round two:

Have you ever been in a car accident that you walked away from? Have you or a family member ever been healed of an illness? Have you ever been broke but somehow God made a way for you to pay a bill or purchase food?

Final round: 

Assuming that you've gotten this far in this post, that means you were alive long enough to read it. 

And if you've answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, you, my friend are a winner and yep, you guessed it, blessed! 

Congratulations! giphy (36).gifOkay, all joking aside, as subtle as it may have seemed, I needed to see that sign. I'll admit that it's hard sometimes to see all the good in your life when it seems like the bad is blocking your view. But that's when you have to tell the bad to get the heck up out of your way, so you can see! 

We are all a lot more blessed and fortunate than we may believe. Sometimes we think that just because our blessing isn't shareable to the general public than it's not noteworthy, but as the great rap philosopher, 2-Chainz so eloquently put:

"Imma tell you this right now/If you woke up this mornin'/...you winnin' for real." 

And I'm telling you: you are a winner and you are blessed.

Believe that. 

Before you go: How'd you like the game? Did you win? Of course you did! Now that you know you are in fact blessed, what will you do with this knowledge? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, I want to know!

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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