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Honey, You're Not Crazy for Wanting More...

Honey, You're Not Crazy for Wanting More...


In September, I'll be celebrating my blog's 5th year anniversary. 

Can you believe it? 

5 whole years?

My, my, my, how time has swiftly passed. If you've been rocking with me since the beginning, I'm sure you're well aware of the many changes I've endured over the years: from my strawberrysandcarbonara.wordpress.com days, college struggles, boy drama, "fashion scholar" posts and more.

*full transparency moment*

In this time, I've always felt like my blog should be further along than what it is. Almost as if I've been waiting for some viral post that will take my blog to the next level, with new reach. But am I wrong for that? For desiring more for my brand? For wanting sponsorships from brands and a nice little "k" after my follower count?giphy (30).gifAs my quinquennial swiftly approaches, these very questions have been ringing in my head non-stop.

Recently, my blog has been doing numbers... numbers that I've been praying for since I launched my site back in 2012 from the comforts of my college dorm room. You all are commenting more, sharing my posts, and expressing how much my words have helped, inspired, or just made you laugh. So don't get me wrong, I'm immensely grateful for all of this, but in my head, I'm thinking... in the most humble way possible, "Well, it's about time..."giphy (34).gifIf you know me or have been following my blog for some time, I hope you have interpreted from my posts that I'm not the one for get-successful-quick schemes. I've never been the one to look for handouts, to buy followers, or to compromise my integrity to get to the next level. That's just not me. I'm in this for the slow grind, baby steps, delayed gratification and day-by-day journey. The long way to "the top" has been discouraging at best but has taught me the value of patience and laying down a solid foundation before building my empire.

It's not wrong to want more, to seek after success with reckless abandonment and go for more every day. You shouldn't feel ashamed of your desire to be the best at what you do. 

It may seem like some people have it easy. Like they just woke up one day, posted a selfie or two on IG and *bomb* an influencer was born. It may also feel unfair that some people may have a financial leg up on you and can post an outfit of the day picture in clothes that they bought with their daddy's credit card. But to be completely honest, that's out of your control, and to keep it 200 with you, that's none of your business or concern. All you can control is what you do with the gifts, talents, and resources that God has given you at this time.

I write and if I do say so myself, I do a pretty excellent job at it. Still, I can see myself eventually taking my talents from behind the computer screen and getting back in front of the camera, hosting events, hitting the red carpet and MORE! Because that's exactly what I want: MORE!

"I'm not the one for get-successful-quick schemes. I've never been the one to look for handouts, to buy followers, or to compromise my integrity to get to the next level."

When I became more consistent with my posts and started shamelessly promoting myself (as Shameless Maya would say) that's when I saw a shift in my blog growth. That's when I made the decision that it was time to start believing in myself and my God-given abilities because truth be told, no one's gonna take you seriously until you do: not a brand, not your followers, and certainly not the new people you're looking to reach. 

So whether you're a blogger, writer, producer, designer, stylist, entrepreneur, teacher or working a 9-5 with hopes of climbing the corporate ladder, you will never get further than where you are today if you don't first believe in yourself and decide that you are worthy and deserving of more.

Before you go: Do you want more out of your current position in life? If so, how are you planning on making it happen? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, I want to know!

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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