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Been On It: Here's Why I Was Among the First to "Be On" Goldlink

Been On It: Here's Why I Was Among the First to "Be On" Goldlink

We all have that friend that claims to of been the first to introduce an artist to their circle. Typically, this is an artist who has been overlooked for years, despite their talent, when suddenly, a song from their catalog is deemed as a mainstream hit, gains radio play and attracts a new audience of adoring fans. Seems kind of obnoxious, right? To claim to of been an artist's first and only fan, pleading to your homies and co-workers to just take a listen to this song and that, only to be dismissed because the artist's sound is ahead of its time. Well, this was/is me when it comes to DC/Maryland artist, Goldlink.

Let me take you back to my sophomore year of college in 2013.

I accredit SoundCloud for putting me on to songs and artists that would otherwise fly under my radar had it not been for this music sharing platform. It was because of SoundCloud that I was able to discover new artists and expand my musical ear for singers and rappers who were on the rise. When I wasn't studying or in class, I would spend hours on the platform getting lost in the rabbit hole of artist suggestion after suggestion until one day, I stumbled upon the fresh, rhythmic sounds of Goldlink.  He was like nothing I had ever heard before; I could dance, sing, rap along with is upbeat flow. Because of this, it didn't take long before I wanted to share his talents with the world... or at least my world.

In the few instances where the aux cord was passed to me at a kickback or on a road trip out of town, I would throw on one of his tracks only to be met with looks of confusion and discomfort from the unfamiliarity of his sound. "Who is this?" they would ask, only to revoke my aux cord privileges soon after finding out. Why was the world not ready for this new wave of rap you could actually feel and dance to?

I continued to support Goldlink in silence and would always get butterflies in my stomach whenever a new song or feature of his popped up on my timeline. Then, in December of 2016, something magical happened. Goldlink dropped, Crew, a smooth, melodic, head boppin' track featuring Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy that woke up the symphonically dead.

All of a sudden, I'm began hearing his music as the background to celebrities like Chloe x Halle's Instagram stories, as a suggestion from the same peers that ignored his presence back in 2013 and even received a phone call from one of my friends who shared how he had finally seen the Golden light.


Today, Goldlink dropped his highly anticipated project, At What Cost. I've been raptured in each track, with a line-up of an all DMV artists and I can't contain my excitement. Why? For one, now the world will be forced to acknowledge the greatness that is Goldlink and two, well, I can't help but feel like a proud cousin sitting back and saying to the world, I told you so.

Do yourself a favor:


Before you go: Goldlink was actually the reason behind the start of my series, #SoundsYouSleptOn, check out the post here. Are you a Goldlink fan? Or a new convert to the Golden light? Maybe you're the friends that always claiming to of put your circle on to unsung artists. Leave a comment below telling me your story, I'd love to hear!

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