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Humble Abode: In Style by Aley Arion

Humble Abode: In Style by Aley Arion

An OG once said, "Ya know, I just need to be around some love, that's all." Well, that was actually Mitch in Paid in Full ... and he was a drug dealer... but you get my point.

indoor + couch-2434I've been home for a week now (and when I say home I mean South Carolina), catching up with my sister, clowning around with my dad, and implementing my auntie duties with my niece. I needed this. I needed to be around some love and familiarity because Lord knows New York has been whipping my you-know-what lately.indoor + couch-2457.jpgHome should be your base; the place where no matter how far you go or how long you've been away, you can always find safety, understanding, and peace there.

Home can be different for everyone because the reality is, not all of us had the privilege to come from the most stable domestic situations; but whether it's your cousin's loft, your church, or even your uncle's place you've stayed at since he took you in when you were just 12 years old, we all deserve to have that one place of solitude where you can strip off the weight of the world and be your true self.

Although I've been in New York for an official year now (wow, crazy, right???), I can honestly say that I haven't found a place there where I "fit" or "belong." I'm working on my patience with my journey and trusting my process, but that still doesn't discount that fact that it's weird to feel like you don't "fit in" a place you've been working to call home.

indoor + couch-2479indoor + couch-2489I trust that God will bring the right places and spaces into my life, but until then, I'll be a resident of New York, but my heart... my home... will be with my family.indoor + couch-2497

Photos by the amazingly talented, Taylor Jerry (IG: @t4y.10r)

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