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Searchin' for Somethin': a Decent Nail Technician

Searchin' for Somethin': a Decent Nail Technician

Moving to a new city is one of those processes that your friends and family may try to prepare you for, but in the end, you just have to it live out. When we decide to leave our base, it is in that very moment that we also forfeit our sense of normality in the habits we've developed. From the way we commute to work and where we shop to who does our hair, all become distant memories of "how things used to be". The downside of this is the endless pit of 30-day trials and countless testing we undergo to reestablish this base.

Presenting EXHIBIT A: my nails.

At the start of the year, I decided I would take my grooming to the next level, starting with my nails. In this attempt, I went head first and got nail extensions, gel nail extentions to be exact.

My first attempt came when I went to a Black-owned nail salon just up the block from where I live. The atmosphere was welcoming, the service was nice, and it didn't hurt that they gave complimentary Sangrias.


The style you see above lasted a decent amount of time, until they began to lift. So instead of going back to the original shop I visited for a fill-in, I went to one of the hundreds of Korean owned nail shops around my hood that Lauryn Hill educated us on.


I knew immediately something was wrong after being told 3 different prices for the service and color I wanted. Not to mention their endless efforts to upsell me on chrome nails that they were charging $5 a nails.

In the end, my nails took merely a week to erode, lifting, breaking, and fading. So I turned on my investigative skills, went to Instagram, and searched the hashtag, #NYnails, and like a gift straight from heaven, I found my nail tech.


She goes by the alias, Queen of NY Nails, and rightfully so, the girl has royal skills. From the jump, her professionalism is what had me hooked. All of her information, pricing, scheduling, services, were spelled out on her website, she kept in contact with me via text and email concerning my appointment, and come the day of my appointment, she was on time and ready to get to work. I've never seen someone take their time with me nails like she did. Most of the nail technicians I've run into rush through the process just to get the next person in the chair.


But not her.

I've searched and searched, but I can finally say I found my nail tech.

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Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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