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#SoundsYouSleptOn Vol. 1 + Gold Link

#SoundsYouSleptOn Vol. 1 + Gold Link


This new segment on my blog was birthed out of my frustration for songs too superior for radio play. These are the vibrations that have every symphonic quality to become a hit, but don't get the push it deserves to reach proper acclaim, and thus go under the radar simply because they aren't what mainstream deems as a"banger". I'm fed up.

Due to my dissatisfaction, #SoundsYouSleptOn is my attempt to restore balance in the musical universe and wake up the masses.

*** please keep in mind that featured sounds could include albums, artists, lectures, interviews, or podcasts. Pretty much anything you listen to :) ***

Now that we've gotten the background out of the way, let's proceed with our first artist to fall victim of this neglect, GoldLink.

This DC/Maryland native and XXL 2015 Freshman Class member, is a bonafide artistic genius. I first peeped his sound back in 2013 after discovering him on SoundClound. At the time, songs like "Ay Ay" and "Wassup" peaked my interest, fast forward to 2016, and Goldlink continues to tread towards greatness with bangers such as, "Crew", "Fall in Love," and "Palm Trees" which was featured in Issa Rae's Golden Globe nominated series, Insecure.

His "Future Bounce" sound, which he later denounced, is original and a breath of fresh air from the sea of mumble rappers and "Lil' Whatevers" as J.Cole would put it.

If you want to dance, get loose and lose yourself in to music, check out my Goldlink playlist here and peep some of his videos below. Are you feeling him? Already a fan? Let me know in the comments below!



GoldLink - Fall In Love ft. Ciscero



GoldLink - Rough Soul ft. April George 



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