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RELAX! Just Be 23: a Letter & Reminder to Myself

RELAX! Just Be 23: a Letter & Reminder to Myself


There are still some days when I can't believe I'm 23 years old. Still stumbling through the early stages of my 20's, right in the sweet spot before I hit 25, yet so far away from 30 (thank God).

Most of my surprise comes from the fact that I'm still so young! Only a few months ago did I move into my own place (accompanied by roommates), I'm over 9 months into the start of my career and as much as I talk about love and relationships, I am in no way ready for marriage.

But why is it that in my head, I should be so much further along?

Could it be that I'm flooded with images of my peers doing great things via their social media pages? Maybe.

Could it be that I'm in New York and the common myth is that as soon as you hit the pavement of the Big City, all your dreams are supposed to magically come true? I think we're getting closer.

Or could it just be that I have such high expectations for myself and future that I want it all right now? Ah, I think we may be on to something.

In all honesty, I can say that my dissatisfaction is rooted in a combination of all three, among others points, of course.

But the other day, I had an epiphany that altered my reality: Aley, just be 23.


I get it, as a millennial we are over zealous and ambitious, and we have the right to be. But with this added pressure to be everything you're supposed to be in your early 20's we are left with little room to mess up; to fail and learn from it.

How is it that in just a year since graduating from college, I'm supposed to have started my own business, have my own apartment, be debt-free, have a grip on my career, have a 6-pack, solve the racial injustice in our country, be married, and still find time to eat dinner every night? 200-1.gif Together, obtaining each task is intimidating and absurd at the least.

But once we take a step back and tackle each responsibility as it comes, things don't seem as daunting. To take some of the edge off, here are a few things I've decided to focus on as of late (in no particular order):

Taking my relationship with God to the next level. 

Having clear skin. 

Paying my loan on time & off entirely. 

Elevating my blog & personal brand. 

Eating healthier and working out on a more consistent basis. 

Helping my family out as best I can on a Jr. Associate salary in New York. 

Getting my heart free of anything that's not like God. 

Reading the Word more often. 


Thinking of others before myself. 

With that, I encourage you to just be a 20-something. This stage of our lives is what I often call a "messy process;" this stuff ain't cute, but there will be more heavy things to worry about as we get older, so let them come. Take every struggle, opportunity, failure, and achievement in stride and be open to what you can learn from it all.


Reminder: Don't be too much in a rush, we'll all be 30 before we know it.upside-down-face.png

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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