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5 Steps to Refocus & Get Your Life for 2017

5 Steps to Refocus & Get Your Life for 2017


We have officially said "so long, farewell" to 2016. And whether you loved it or wish it never happened, I hope you learned from it.

Now that 2017 is here, it's important that we shed the dead weight of 2016 and start anew. We have an opportunity to regroup, organize and recharge ourselves and our lives to ensure that we have the best start to our new year as we possibly can. We may not be able to control what goes on around us, in the White House or even at our jobs, but we can control how we kickstart the New Year to ensure we have the best 2017 possible.

Here's how:

Forgive yourself.  How often have you done something that you deemed as "wrong," "embarrassing" or "bad" and you couldn't help but beat yourself up about it. I mean every chance you got, you would repeat that mistake in your head and feel even worse about it. You may have even carried guilt with your from the year prior and now can't quite shake it off. Well, it's time you did. Holding on to past slip ups is the quickest way to keep you just where you're at. In order to more forward and progress, you can't allow your past to hold you back. Whatever your "thing" is, leave it in 2016 because if you plan on being successful in 2017, you're going to have to make room for all the new mistakes to come.

The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.

Theodore Roosevelt Spend time with loved ones. Notice I said loved ones and not family. Your loved ones can include your family, but we all know that some family members can be toxic with a capital T. It's important that we surround ourselves with the people in our lives who love us, bring us laughter, and are like-minded. And as you take a look around at these people, notice who isn't there. It could be time to let those people go so you can make room for the new people God has for you.

Unplug. The news gets more bizarre everyday; add social media on top of it all and you get double the madness. It's easy for us to get lost in the lives of others (especially around the holidays) as we watch them open tons of presents, get engaged and go on extravagant trips, so much so that we forget about the good in our own lives. Seasonal depression is real, so I always recommend a social media fast/cleanse when starting a new year just to get the focus back on your life. Unplug and get in touch with reality... your reality.

Prayer/Meditate.  Spending time with the Lord is the best way to prepare for the year ahead. We haven't messed up anything yet or made any mistakes, and are thus given a clean slate to build from. This is the perfect opportunity to let God lead you on the path that he has set out for you in the coming year since only He knows what lies ahead. Lay out your hopes and dreams for the year before him and allow him to navigate your journey.

Write it down. Plan it out. This puts the icing on the cake for all of our tips. YOU NEED A PLAN! Writing out all that you want to see in the New Year not only helps you to visualize what you want to see come to pass, it also holds you accountable for the execution. Take some time to write out your goals, give yourself a time frame to accomplish them and plan your weekly, monthly, or mid-year check in's to ensure that your are on the right path to success.


In the comments below, share how you plan on recharging and getting your life for the New Year. And let me know which of the above tips you plan on executing to ensure you have the best 2017 possible!

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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