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One to Watch: Demarc Ramanand - the Millennial Renaissance Man

One to Watch: Demarc Ramanand - the Millennial Renaissance Man

College is an unparalleled opportunity to awaken newness. The newness of self-discovery, freedom from parental supervision and the entrance into social circles that could only be granted through this four year tenure. Whether directly or indirectly, this newness is the catalyst for a molding process that bends, tweaks, and morphs you into the person who walks across the stage at graduation. Some go with grace into this metamorphosis, taking each lesson, experience and apprehension with supple resistance, only to come out refined; like Demarc Ramanand.

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The last time I saw Demarc was in passing down the runway during a show for our modeling troupe, Vervè. At the time, the only side of Demarc I knew was the one that owned an individualistic style with an intentional stride to match.  But after getting reacquainted over small talk prior to our interview, I soon realized I was in the presence of a young man with many layers, beginning with the artist.

As a producer, artist, and the Vice President/Creative Director of his co-founded record label, Âme Sound, Demarc (whose artist name is DXMVRC) is without a doubt, waist deep in the music business. Âme Sound, which translated to “soulful sound,” is responsible for the production of DXMVRC's musical creations and the future home for up-and-coming artists who share his unique artistic perspective, “My involvement in the art makes me able to relate to the artists that we sign even more than just someone who’s on the business side. I know how it is to create.”


This fall, the world gained a peek inside the creative mind of DXMVRC, when his self-edited and produced visual for his single, Step Show Trophy, hit the airwaves. His Marco Brambilla inspired video, showcases a seemingly oblivious Demarc in a slow-motion, continuous camera shot, surrounded by the activities of his Omega Psi Phi Fraternity brothers, “I wanted to go for something different than just a club/party scene. I thought that if I went with the typical first video that most artists go with, it would have been ignored just like those artists."dxmvrcgif

It takes a true artist to execute the unification of lyric to visual while still leaving plenty of room for interpretation, “When you listen to the lyrics, it’s supposed to be so abstract that if you have a passion for anything, you can relate to it and sing to it.” So could the trophy be a lover? A goal? According to Demarc, it could be anything of those, since it was his intention to not feature an image of a trophy or any other idolized object, to maintain a sense of relatability. "It's basically saying that I have all this going on around me, but I'm totally oblivious to it because I have a specific goal in mind."

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Demarc’s attention to detail unfolds even more so when he speaks. His words flow with an intentional pacing and thoughtful articulation that masks his Jamaican accent. I soon learned that this technique was honed out of his need to execute efficient communication with his American peers/classmates at South Carolina State University, an HBCU (Historically Black College/University) in Orangeburg, SC.

“As a Jamaican, the national language is English, but we have a dialect called Patwah. My friends in college would expect me to speak Patwah to them but I got tired of repeating myself. So I decided that I would master an American accent to make my conversations more efficient.”

This form of “code switching” as Demarc would put it, seems as if it would become a bit of a nuisance over time, but he reassures me that he in no way lost in this exchange.


Instead, so much was gained during his matriculation at SCSU, an experience that he would tell you, “I wouldn’t trade for the world.” In fact, it was his time at school that opened the eyes of this computer engineering major, to his hobby-turned-passion in graphic design and producing. During his junior year, Demarc began to feel unhappy and misdirected about his path in life, as many of us can relate to. So he decided to find a hobby. His roommates introduced him to a beat making software called, Fruity Loops Studios,

“I started to like the sound of my own beats, so I was like, ‘I could probably do this full time.”

Once he graduated from college, he realized that he wanted to pursue his new found hobby more seriously, along with graphic design, which he first got into after creating a custom Snapchat filter for his fraternity’s new member showcase.

The many artistic layers of Demarc serves as an explain of just how far one’s creativity can expand if it’s stretched. His intentions as a young creative-of-all-trades are clear and no man or forces can interfere with a young man like him who is determined to live his full potential, “Either my creations will have an impact on the world directly, or they can have an indirect impact and inspire someone to do something noteworthy.”

Watch out full interview here:


For more information on DXMVRC and his work, follow him per the below info:

Website: www.dxmvrc.com

Twitter: @DemoXD

Instagram: @dxmvrc

Soundcloud: DXMVCR

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