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A Thrifty Fall/Winter Haul, ft. Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and H&M

A Thrifty Fall/Winter Haul, ft. Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and H&M


Back before Macklemore  popularized the art of thrift shopping, it was all I knew. I never knew there was a name for it, I only knew that with a house full of Amazons and big/tall siblings, my parents said bump to overpriced name brand clothing and took our behinds to Goodwill.

Fair enough. 

Thrifting was how I shaped my style as a broke college student and why I know how to make a dollar stretch living in the high-priced, "eat or pay rent" jungle of New York. But it's not all fine and thrifty here. Since my move, it's been a struggle to find a thrift store that's actually a thrift store, and no, I'm not talking vintage shops, those DO NOT the count. 

Heck, even the Salvation Army that I found has prices that look like Forever 21! Maybe I'm spoiled from the the guaranteed low prices of the Wal-Mart ridden south, or maybe New York has just lost it's mind. Could be a combination of both.

Either way, I've managed to find refuge in the local Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange. Haven't heard of Buffalo Exchange? Imagine a second hand clothing store filled with hand selected current and vintage style, minus the stank and disorganization of Goodwill. Although, I would argue a certain comfort that comes from the steal fragrance of used clothing (only the most avid thrifter will understand).

Check out my pick-ups below and let me know which is your favorite!

Cut-off tee - H&Mhaul-piece-6

Over-sized Champions crewneck sweater - MyUnique Thrift Store dsc_1104

Tangerine long-sleeve button down - H&Mhaul-piece-5

Ribbed v-neck cropped sweater - Goodwill haul-piece-7

African American Alliance Hoodie - Buffalo Exchange (For sale!)dsc_1109

Moto jacket - H&Mhaul-piece-4

Black 3/4 sleeve button down - Goodwill (by ASOS)haul-piece-8

Stripped long sleeve tee - Goodwill (from Gap) haul-piece-2

Moto jeggings - Goodwill (from Gap) haul-piece-1

Stripped button down - H&Mhaul-piece-3

Corduroy jumper dress - MyUnique Thrift Store  dsc_1107

Peace, peace, peace,

Aley Arion 

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